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Surprisingly most companies as well as advertising, promotional and Internet marketing agencies do not apply the very marketing principles they utilize daily with their clients.

Branding, planning, focus, and elbow grease.

On-line communities and Social Media offer very unique marketing opportunities that few companies are able to exploit. That is where RainMaker enters the picture - we help companies and agencies just like yours. Here’s how...


RainMaker is a business development secret weapon. We are an innovative organization that supports top agencies and companies in growing their businesses. RainMaker is a Strategic Marketing company, specializing in marketing to various demographics via Internet Communities - also known as Social Media.

These services include forum posting, blog posting (both bulk and custom tailored), product review submissions, reputation repair, news article comment posting and other on-line community and social media messaging and market research.


We have been doing social media and on-line community, forum and blog posting since 2002, and our experienced staff is adept at finding just the right marketing proposition that will set your business apart from the competition.

We feel that on-line community and social media marketing needs a "hands-on-approach" in order to achieve any real ROI - remember these communities are just large groups of people. People who like to talk to others, and who like sharing information.

We specialize in targeted and deep forum posting and blog posting, and offer bulk posting for those applications that can benefit from it.


We help our clients achieve marketing ROI in ways that their competition are not able to realize: By increasing their awareness of what their potential and current customers think/feel, and shaping those perceptions.

We help clients cultivate and secure new customers.